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We want to reassure all RAC families that RAC has taken the additional measures to operate in a safe & healthy manner based on our many, many enhanced COVID-19 protocols. These include but are not limited to: • All RAC parents and staff are required to complete an online Daily Health Screening Jot Form each morning (received by RAC before your child/ren are admitted into care). This is to ensure that all children are entering the childcare center free of all COVID related symptoms. • RAC Parents and all non-essential visitors are not permitted into the school/childcare centre, except in an emergency. • All RAC staff and children are required to increase the frequency of hand hygiene by washing their hands with soap/using hand sanitizer frequently throughout the day and upon arrival into the Centre. • All RAC children are required to wear masks inside the school/RAC and while outside, when 2 metres/6 feet distance cannot be achieved throughout the day. Staff must also wear a medical mask while in the school building and outdoors when 2 metres/6 feet of distance cannot be maintained. (except when working alone). • RAC will place children in their RAC room/cohort, based on grades/school classrooms that your child is starting in September. • RAC staff undertake enhanced daily cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, toys and high-touch areas throughout the day and at the end of their shift. Additional cleaning and disinfection of building high touch surfaces are coordinated with the school caretaking staff. • RAC staff will monitor all children for any signs of illness throughout the day. If a child has a symptom of COVID-19, the parent will be called and asked to pick up the child and siblings as soon as possible. • A RAC Supervisor will follow up with all individuals to determine the reason for any unplanned absences. Our hours of operation have been modified until further notice: 8:00am-4:30pm on non-instructional days (Summer, PA Days) AND 7:45am – 5:30pm on instructional (regular school days) to accommodate all of the above. For additional information on our response to COVID-19, please email
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Covid 19 Update - February 1, 2022
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